Why I Sometimes Hate Fashion Trends…

Fashion / June 10, 2017

Fashion is complicated to navigate and not everyone has a flair for it. Plus size fashion has been even harder over the years. Even with rising awareness, it’s still difficult to get clothes that fit or clothes that you like. Trying to find an outfit that combines both is almost impossible. Then, we still have to deal with trends. Plus size trends.

Every size probably suffers from this same issue. The cycle is almost always the same. Your favorite blogger posts an outfit with the link in the bio. The outfit inspiration came from a popular fashion celebrity who wore the outfit. Over the next weeks, we’ll have what I call a fashion uniform explosion, as endless variations of the same outfit keep getting posted. New codes for 10% off and new dupes on every page. Soon, we all have the same outfit.

My issue is this. The pool is small. That pool contains all the designers that have finally begun to accommodate plus size women (not like we’re begging). Now, we all have to fit into that pool to scramble for clothes, due to the small number of design companies compared to the large population of plus size women. When we see a dress that actually fits your body type, you run straight to the website and order it. Plus size women are so beautifully diverse. We can style clothing to suit our very different tastes. However, what happens when you want to wear an outfit that hasn’t been seen within a 5-mile radius?

Here’s a painful scene that may be familiar. You find a cute dress ( like those off- shoulder, bell sleeves or ruffle dresses ) and then you purchase it because you have that one outing coming up. It lies in your closet while you get you hair done and even schedule a mani-pedi. You are feeling every inch of your curves. Only to appear on the D-day and well everybody else been feeling the same dress. [insert sobs]. I want to stand out, not blend in and it’s not every day we can purchase custom clothes.

I know I sound narcissistic but what I want is for designers to reduce the amount of mass produced designs and for clothing to companies to stop copying each other. It makes fantastic designs fade and beautiful outfits got to waste. I’ll still wear that outfit that everyone has, anyway and anytime. I know we all have that unique individuality that is expressed in the way we dress [see what I did there?]

Here’s to beautiful plus size women, slaying every outfit we put on. To the plus size design and clothing companies, we love you for creating clothes that fit. Please make more designs so we can empty our bank accounts without all looking the same.

How do you style a popular design to suit your personal taste and help you stand out? Tell me in the comments. Share to a friend who has the same struggle.

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