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Fashion / Featured / Life Hacks / July 28, 2017

Ahhhh summer! The sun! The fresh air! The beautiful clouds in the sky! I HATES IT! (Insert Precious voice here) OK I don’t hate summer- or even the soaring temperatures, the shorts, or the always there cleavage… the bane of my plus size existence is the dreaded chub rub! Yep, you read it here- I get chub rub. Always. Every year.

So this year I have vowed to find the answer to my plus sized problem. We all get it. Our beautiful thunda’ thighs touch- heck mine make wild passionate monkey love, I think, and they RUB. This means that they get chaffed, sometimes to the point of being a bleeding, swollen, rashy mess. When this occurs it is too late and I have to use the go to advice of countless others to try to fix the issue. BUT I would much rather solve it before it becomes a problem in the first place!

Let’s talk getting ready for the day! There are so many ways to avoid the plus size issue of chub rub without having to wear long pants all summer. Whether you want an all-natural remedy such as using a bit of coconut oil before dressing or would rather go for a material resolution- such as the great idea of getting men’s under-roos (the spandex boxers!) for under your outfits, chances are there’s a great solution, (or three) just waiting to be celebrated by you this year!

Several powders are suggested if a powder is the way you want to go. Some of these include Gold Bond, Baby Powder and other body powders. Rub a nice amount over your bits before going and have a good time. This is a crowd favorite because the powders are cool, keep sweat at bay and can easily be reapplied or coupled with another tactic- such as shorties to double the protection. Also as an added bonus these can be taken with in a purse easily.

If looking for a creamy answer, there are a host of options here as well.  Many women use a simple swipe of their regular deodorant in the plus size places, while others opt for creams that are specifically designed with the plus size in mind. Some of these include Body Glide, Chafezone- a rub on that boasts all day comfort and Monistat chafing relief powder gel, for after the fact. Still others suggest A&D ointment, Desitin, or even silicone lube! (Probably NOT cherry flavored…just sayin’…)

For you material girls, you can do several things including- biker shorts, the aforementioned men’s spandex boxers, and making already cute leggings into above the knee shorties to keep the rub at bay. A new product on the market is Bandelettes.  These are thigh bands that are designed to stay put and keep the chaff away – plus they are adorable!

Summer can be an excellent time for showing off and having a ton of fun in our plus sized bodies- as well as keeping cool and healthy with a few simple tricks to ease the pain before it starts!

Now who’s ready for shorts!?!




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