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Fashion / Featured / Romance / July 24, 2017

“What is a secret plus size lover?” A secret plus size lover is a guy who is attracted to and/or dates plus size women, but only does so behind closed doors.  There are several reasons why he might do this but one of the biggest reasons is that he is so worried about what his friends or family will think about it.  He feels like the joke will be on him.  Not every man is confident enough to endure the “fat girl” jokes or the dragging him about his choice to date a plus size woman.  Because of this, he takes the chance on losing out on the best thing that has possibly happened to him by keeping his relationship in the dark.

            Another reason that he may have for being a “secret plus size lover” is society has set the standard for what a guy should want, like or be attracted to. An ideal female mate is thin with no sketch marks and no rolls. She eats healthy and she exercises.  Just recently a couple shared their engagement photos on Facebook. The young lady was plus size and the young man was thin or average build.  In one of the pictures he is picking her up and looking at her adoringly. The way many social media users reacted so heart breaking. The comments were very rude and disrespectful. The couple responded in a positive way but they should have never had to do so. Society can have a major impact on decisions that we make in our life and it’s no different when it comes to dating and who we should date.

            The last reason that I want to discuss is that he is just plain up to no good.  Some guys feel that fat girls have low self-esteem and that they don’t care about themselves.   Sometimes that is true but low self-esteem isn’t just relegated to plus size women.  Women of all shapes and sizes can have problems with self-worth.  That’s why this is such a ridiculous stereotype.   Anyway, this guy sets out to use her and abuse her. He makes her feel that he cares and wants to be with her.  All along he has no intention on being with her in the public eye.  He’ll probably only go to see her at night and “tip in and tip out”.  Many times he tries to use her for her money, car, sex and even her cooking. He might even brag to his friends about how he is just using her and that he really doesn’t want her or even like her. It is a very sad situation but yet is so true and it happens every day.


Have you or someone you know ever been in this type of relationship?







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