Redefining SEXY in Plus Size Fashion

Fashion / June 10, 2017

“Sexy” is a word I do not like to use very often, especially when referring to strangers. I personally, wouldn’t like if someone random saw me on the street and shouted “Hey, sexy!” to my passing behind. I also have a negative reaction to this word because the first definition on Google shows this:

Sexy  /sɛksi/ adj

sexually attractive or exciting.

syn sexually attractive, seductive, alluring, desirable, sensual…

Sexy can easily turn into trashy and the definition of sexy varies from person to person. I believe in embracing all body types, plus size and all but I do not believe that you have to let it all out to feel or look sexy. With the rise of Instagram modeling, there’s a subconscious feeling that if all your babies aren’t out, you aren’t there yet.

I’m here to redefine society’s “sexy” especially for our reserved plus size ladies out there. Confidence is being comfortable in any outfit. ANY outfit. I believe people should stay true to their morals and beliefs while making any trend work for them, whether completely covered up or not. Here are a few ways you can rock any modest outfit:


1 You can leave it all on the floor


SOURCE: @gabifresh

2 Or let it swing

Source: @bigornot

3 And It All Depends on you

Source: Hannawears

4 Every day of the week

Source: plussizefashionforwomen

5 Let’s not forget our Hijabi slay (flips hijab)

Source: @kemalasari

6 And the slay squad

Source: @iambeauticurve

7 And on those lovely beach days

Source @gabifresh

Remember ladies, confidence is key and how you carry yourself is what matters the most. Don’t let society trick you into their definition of clothing. Be you and stay you.

What do you do, that makes you feel sexy even when covered up? Tell me in the comments.

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on June 23, 2017

I often feel sexy when I put on makeup and pull my hair up differently. I could be wearing jeans and a shirt but adding a few touches that I don’t do on a daily basis definitely makes me feel sexy.

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