Plus Size is my Super Power! (Cosplay)

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I always love a good positive role model for little girls to look up to! It helps shape the image of what a woman can and in their little minds it gives preteens and teenagers someone to relate to in a powerful way. The remake of Wonder Woman has given little girls another positive role model which is great! But what they see on the screen is not always a reflection of who they are…

The plus size community needs to be positive role models for women, as well as little girls. What better way to do that than to go to the movie dressed up in costume?!

Check out Heather!  She’s is a super hero in her own way! By day, she teaches and in her time off, she attends movies dressed as Wonder Woman! She also goes to Disney films while dressed in amazing costumes that she sews or modifies herself. Heather is a great example of a beautiful plus size lady that’s living and sharing an authentic passion for being a positive role model to little girls and plus size women alike.

What happens in a little girl’s mind when she sees a beautiful plus size lady dressed as Wonder Woman? Why she excitedly tells her mom “LOOK! It’s Wonder Woman!!!”
She doesn’t see fat, or skinny, she just sees her hero, Wonder Woman!
Little girls and little boys need to see women who are willing to cosplay so that it becomes commonplace and normal for them to see it. By giving them examples of strong powerful women that are also plus size, we are helping change the stereotype that all plus size people are “unhealthy” and/or “undesirable”. The truth is that plus size can still be healthy because each person’s body type is different. Genetics play a part, other health factors can be involved as well. Being a beautiful plus size woman is nothing to be ashamed of.

Through Heather’s example, we get to see plus sized women doing and normalizing extraordinary things like dressing up like their favorite Super Hero! We get to see someone who is plus size rocking a beautiful costume and showing us how to be just as confident in our own skin. Seeing other plus size women feel confident enough to show their arms, or their legs, not afraid of sharing in the fun of cosplay allows us to grow in our confidence as well.



Go ahead, show off that Wonder Woman costume, or whatever cosplay you want!  What’s your favorite superhero that you’d like to see plus sized?







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