Hiding Behind the “Mask” as a Plus Size Person

Fashion / Health / Self-Love / July 10, 2017

Who said that size 0 to 10 is the standard for what it means to be healthy or even beautiful?  Like, where is this law written?  Society has made people of size feel that if you are not a certain size or shape, then you are not beautiful AND you couldn’t POSSIBLY be healthy!  We as plus size people have gotten a complex and with this complex comes a “mask” that we often hide behind.

I have also hidden behind a “mask” for years.  But thank goodness I have been delivered from that.  My hope is that one day, more people of size will also be delivered from what society has deemed beautiful and healthy.
Let’s talk about some of the things you may not know that happens behind the “mask”…

A lot of pretending!  Pretending that we’re happy or pretending that we are okay with how you treat us. When in fact, we are feeling belittled, put down and just outright nonhuman.  Who is society to tell us how we look is not acceptable?


Not living out loud!  The “mask” causes us not to walk in our own truth.  It causes us to not pursue our dreams or be everything that we can be.  It cripples our potential in so many areas of our lives.  We accept and believe all the lies that we have been told by our families and the media throughout the years.  We feel that we have to accept the mediocre compliments that people give.  You know the ones… The compliments that are just another way of putting us down. “You’re pretty for a big girl.” Or “you have a pretty/handsome face.”  So… do you mean the rest of me is not beautiful or even attractive?  Just my face?

If no one has told you yet, YOU are beautiful no matter what size you wear and no matter how big your legs or stomach are.  You are wonderfully made!  We have to know, understand and believe that we cannot control what people say think or feel about us.  We’re not responsible for what people say, think or feel!  We’re only responsible for how we respond and I CHOOSE to be happy no matter what! Always remember to stay true to yourself! Live unapologetically! Lift your head and walk in confidence!  You are great you and belong in this world!  You can be great at whatever you decide to do and at whatever size! Come from behind that “mask” of hurt, pain and fear.  You are not alone and no one can judge you for who you are.  Go out and LIVE!

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on July 12, 2017

This was amazing…Truth all through it….Life brings Us challenges but your so right That mask holds people back from alot of this…You did Amazing Katrina

on July 13, 2017

This is so true. We’re often made to feel less than because we don’t fit what society says is beautiful. We have to find that space that we’re happy in and live in our truth.

on July 13, 2017

This article is so true and hit on so many points. As a plus size woman I’ve noticed that I don’t get as many job opportunities as I did when I was “smaller”. I didn’t realize how much people can judge you based on your size until it was my truth. It’s mindboggling.

You are right, you have to choose to be happy no matter what anyone says or thinks. You have to start living out loud; unapologetically! Thank you the encouragement. Great article!

on July 13, 2017

Well said and inspiring. God made us all shape and sizes for a reason and because your insecurity doesn’t match my confidence, that’s your problem.

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