Have You Bitten the Swim Bullet? Plus Size Confidence

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[Photo Credits: my son, Kortland jumping into the pool for the first time this summer.]

                I did it- I bit the “Mom, can we go swimming?” bullet.  After being nagged daily over and over again, I finally bit it.  Though, I can’t say I took the whole bite just yet, I did grab a taste.  I gathered up the three boys and walked them a few feet to the swimming pool.  I say I didn’t take the full bite just yet, because one- have you felt how cold the water still is? And two- I’ve yet to purchase my swimsuit.  (I know, I know!)

                However, I did sit on the side of the pool and let my feet and lower legs dangle into the water.  There were three other families there with their kids- and of course the moms had the “perfect” mom bod that I’m severely lacking.  I “kicked” water onto the boys, I encouraged their back flips, and belly flops and of course I had to get photos and videos of the boys having such a great time.

                As we left the pool I asked the boys “were you embarrassed that you had the fat mom that didn’t get in the water?” While my oldest son looked at me and said “What? Mom, you’re crazy!” in which I replied “Well, did you not notice that I was the biggest mom out there with all of your kids I’m not able to flaunt a 2 piece bikini like the others were.”  And he looked at me and said “Mom, do you really think that matters? Bathing suit types do NOT matter!!” And I thought to myself yeah, I just told myself this. HA.

                The next day I went into JCPenney and I found what I thought was perfect swim suit for me this year.  It was a two-piece of sorts, the top was longer that it I knew it could cover my flabby mom belly, and the bottoms were shorts that wouldn’t show off to much of my flabby thighs.  It was already on sale for $22.99 each piece (SCORE!) plus I had $10 of JCPenney rewards (DOUBLE SCORE)!  I was getting ready to check out and realized my boyfriend and son had wandered out of the store and into a sporting goods store (go figure).  So I sat the swim suit down on top of a table and walked off for literally ten minutes and came back and it was gone, they had already taken it and put it back.  I don’t have the best patience, so I figured I needed to just go home and come back another day for that swimsuit.  I still believe its perfect.

Have you found your perfect swimsuit yet?  Have you worn it yet?






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1 Comment

on July 15, 2017

You could have done one of two things
1. Bought the suit then caught up with your guys.
2. Purchase the suit online.
Either way get the dang suit forget everyone else a Naomi Campbell walk to the pool next time in your suit!

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