Finding the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

Fashion / Travel / July 5, 2017

Have you ever found the perfect swimsuit, tried it on and fell in love? Or are you like many plus size girls who struggle with finding a suit, only to settle on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt?

I want to help you learn how to find that perfect swimsuit this season for your body style. There are 5 main body shapes and to find the suit that will compliment you best, you need to determine your personal body shape. The 5 main body shapes are: The Hour Glass/figure 8, The Circle/Apple, The Triangle/Pear, Inverted Triangle, and The Rectangle. Finding a swimsuit to fit your personal body shape will help give you confidence, make you feel beautiful, and supported. Many plus size ladies find the need to shop online and with a variety of sizing charts, having your measurements will help you find the perfect fit!

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Measure around the fullest part of your bust. Also measure your waist at your belly button and your hips at the fullest part. Write all of these measurements down. Don’t worry nobody has to see these but you! Ladies, this is where the magic happens for you plus size beauties! This will help you determine what your shape is.

If you’re a plus size beauty with a top and bottom of equal size and your waist measurement is smaller, then you are what we call an Hour Glass figure. You’re blessed with curves and can pull off a variety of styles. Draw the eye into the thin waist with a two piece, or Tankini. Or, you can pull off a bold pattern with a stripe that draws the eye to your narrower waist.

Plus size ladies with the body style of a Circle are going to be more round in the middle. This style can pull off some amazingly bold patterns with embellishments like ruffles. Long top Tankini’s with skirt’s or boy short cut bottoms work really well for this shape. Don’t be afraid of patterns or stripes! Play with it and have fun!

For you beautiful plus size ladies who fall in either the Triangle/Pear or Inverted Triangle shape, you will either be heavier on bottom skinnier on top OR Heavier on topand skinnier on bottom. You are going to want to get a two piece suit that allows you to customize and choose different sizes for each portion of your body. This is great fun! You can buy short’s, skirts, or high waisted bottoms. The tops can be equally fun to mix and match with a variety of push up tops, retro cut halter style, or long tankini tops that make it look like more of a one piece.

Last in our list of body styles is the Rectangle. If you are a plus size lady that fits this body shape you are going to be evenly sized all the way down with little to no measurement changes from bust to hips. Your body style can wear a variety of one piece suits or bikini’s with embellishments for softer lines. One piece suits with side elastic that add a curve to your shape or bikinis with high waisted bottoms, as well as halter tops will accentuate your shape.


What’s your unique body shape? Have you found your perfect swimsuit? Tell me below in the comments!

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on July 17, 2017

My perfect swimsuit came from Kmart on an awesome deal!

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