Finding Balance in Your Health

Fashion / Health / June 11, 2017

The word ‘health’ has been wrongly defined of late. In the plus size world, it is synonymous with size and weight. While weight compared to your height, that is your BMI, when high, can be considered unhealthy, health is not restricted to a number. Health is defined as a complete state of physical and mental well-being.

Health is not defined by the way a person looks. When I did rounds in the hospital, Thursdays were dedicated to hypertensive and diabetic patients. I saw many patients, young and old, plus size and thin. It was always a shocker hearing their ages as it never matched the faces of the individuals. This establishes that you can’t tell by merely looking who is healthy or not.

A constantly neglected yet crucially important segment of health is Mental health. Because symptoms of mental illness do not necessarily show, mental illness is not taken seriously. Depression is one of the more common mental illnesses. In medical school, at least 60% of the students suffer depression. This is from being in school alone.

Nasty remarks to plus size women and men alone can cause feelings of depression. Mainstream media with minimal representation can be very depressing to work with. Last month was mental awareness month but we still need more awareness.

No matter how you feel, keep your mind clear and happy. Do only what makes you happy. Whether it involves staying the same or making some lifestyle changes. Do you. Here are a few tips to help your mental health:

• Avoid self-criticism
• Take out time to relax and socialize
• Stay active
• Don’t hold grudges, forgive easily.
• Think positive
• Learn from your mistakes
• Set goals for yourself and pursue your dreams

I hope this gives you a reason to smile. Keep your mind open. Take care of yourself and always keep your health in check. Share with someone who needs to hear this. Have a lovely day.

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