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Entertainment / Fashion / Parenting / June 10, 2017

So I love a good movie. Smart, funny, action packed and I am there. I love fairy tales.  I love animation- having three kids I kind of have to, right? Being plus sized, I am also more aware of ad campaigns and body images in the media. I am plus sized. My daughters are not. In fact, one is perpetually underweight and one is “right on target” as her doctors say. So this giant poster that is sweeping the internet- after being revealed at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

SO the problem seems obvious to moms (and dads) and plus size and not so plus size women and men ((WHO exactly thought this was a GOOD idea?!?)) The poster clearly has body shaming overtones. While the tall thin version of Snow White wearing the titled Red Shoes, looks cutely lost and adorable, the other version (we discover reading the synopsis, which this is her natural body size) is short, curvy, without make-up and honestly looks like she’s just been dazed.
The tagline reads “What if Snow White were no longer beautiful?” thus insinuating that the short, curvy princess is not an icon of beauty. The movie’s taglines state that she is a normal princess just trying to make it in a world she doesn’t fit into (hence the shoes trick) and how it is a body positive movie about how she learns to love herself while on an adventure to locate her missing father, the poster and accompanying trailer seem to indicate differently.

I took to the Facebook boards and asked for opinions from plus size mamas as well as a few plus size dads on their opinions of the body shaming in general.  I wanted to see if they felt it was inappropriate or acceptable- if they would allow their children to watch such a show- given the limited information we have at the moment- and as people themselves- not counting kids involved how they felt about the obvious fat is ugly byline the poster seems to scream.

One reader, Zoey RB, posted, “Not just for mother and daughter! Mothers and sons! This is how I want him to think of a woman? No. The body does not determine your ability to be loved or do wonderful acts or kindness. Let’s just flip it for a sec. let’s say same size princess but of a different nationality? How would we feel about that? Or is a princess better if she was a prince? Ugh, stop comparing!”

Another Luci C, commented, “First if I was writing this my question would be to the writers, editors, and directors, why isn’t there a short chunky princess? Seriously the Disney movies are great but they are all skinny and fairly tall. Second are they afraid that Hollywood has body shamed so many that the movie would not be a hit? Third, this movie looks like another sexual piece of no good. It says to me that tall skinny gets more men, fat short gets none or only by desperation.”

Other posts pointed out the pointed sexuality of the trailer, the film is being heralded as family friendly (no rating as of yet) but the dwarfs in the scene watch the tall/ skinny version of Snow undress and then look disgusted when she removes her shoes and is her plus size form suddenly. Also, the clip shows the plus size version take a long drink and then belch, which many posters felt was demoralizing and equating plus size with slob behavior.

Whether just a marketing ploy for attention just gone seriously wrong or an all-out fat shaming no holds barred disaster, this movie certainly got itself a bunch of publicity before it even hits the theaters. It is slated to be released in 2018 from the South Korean movie studio, Locus Films.

What do you think about this film?  Is the marketing “fat shaming”?  Leave us a comment!


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on June 22, 2017

This makes me so mad. It sounds like such an awesome movie except for the animation! I absolutely wanted to see it when I heard about it but now I don’t want to simply because I don’t want to support a franchise that feels this is okay. Snow is my favorite princess (even my tags say snow white).

I love the concept of making princesses normal and relatable, but I think it would perhaps better have been done as a “what if snow white wasn’t a princess anymore?”

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