Dreaded Chub Rub!

Fashion / Life Hacks / June 22, 2017

Picture this, a beautiful summer day- the pool, the kids the swimsuit- actually feeling pretty darn good in my plus size beautifulness, it’s getting late so I toss on a pair of jeans, seems like is shouldn’t be a problem, right?!? Except- my swimsuit is wet and rubs and thus later that evening, I have the dreaded plus size Chub Rub. ((Cue horrific screaming circa Universal Studios Horror Movies))

So we all have tips and tricks to keep ourselves from GETTING our plus sized lady bits damaged, but what do you do when it DOES happen? Well I delved into the world of the beautiful plus sizers asking this very important question and got a few great answers straight from plus size woman just like me (and you!)

First figure out the degree of damage- is it just sore and raised? Angry red and welted? Or full blown bloody raw hunks of meat? Depending on the amount of carnage you are dealing with will dictate your next moves.
For a sore and raised- but not broken skin wash carefully with a cool cloth or antibacterial wipe ( I carry these in my purse at all times anyway) Note that in a pinch a baby wipe or even face wipes work well too (as long as they don’t contain alcohol- because OUCH!) After making sure the area is clean, there are several recommended treatments- the general consensuses is to get some good healing ointment – top suggested products were Aquaphor, A&D ointment, and Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel (mentioned in last week’s prevention article). Also I want to point out that baby rash and Plus size chub rub are a lot alike and so in a pinch baby butt cream (think Destin, Butt Paste, or any diaper cream you have on hand).  If it has gone the way of the bloody disaster, you will need to treat it like any other wound- antibacterial spray (I recommend Bactine) again an ample amount of any of the healing ointments (Neosporin is appropriate here as well) and cover with large gauze Band-Aids.

Either way, you will also want to find clothes that let the wounds breathe and try to get as much air as possible to the affected area (IE legs wide open with a fan pointed directly at the ragey areas of death). Fixing a case of plus size chub rub stinks and we try to avoid it at all costs, but if the worst does happen these tips- straight from the plus size warriors should get your pain free ASAP!

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on June 23, 2017

These tips are super helpful! I have some unfortunate problems with chub rub at work and these are really gonna help me!

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