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Everyone Wants to see themselves represented. The kiddo who never sees themselves represented grows into the woman who thinks she is all alone in the world.  The kid questions, who is going love a plus size woman? The girl will lament when the only women finding love in the books and magazines are a size two? There needs to be more plus size heroines for the big beautiful women of the world- in movies, romances, as the heroines of their own stories- not just the sad chick who loses weight to find love or the funny, fat friend.

                To that goal, I am scouring the book review sites, the plus size blogs, and the Facebook pages. I am asking anyone and everyone for body positive books and movies. I am asking for the movies and books that have plus size protagonists and heroines. I want to see plus size women finding confidence in themselves. I want to see plus size women falling in love and having adventures and living life on their own terms.

This month, I am telling you about a fun amazing book by fantasy writer, Sherrilyn Kenyon, called Night Play– a Dark Hunter Series/ Were Hunter Series book.  Bride McTierney is a beautiful Plus Size woman who runs a boutique in the French Quarter. She is an auburn haired beauty whose horrid ex breaks up with her because her being plus size isn’t in keeping with his “celebrity” lifestyle. Vane is a were wolf who is being hunted by his pack and trying to keep his comatose brother alive. The fates have decided that they are to be mated and Vane has three weeks to convince her that not only is she worthy of his love but that the supernatural world DOES exist and he does love her.

This book is fun. Main character, Bride is sharp, funny and beautiful. She takes charge of her life and her man and Vane treats her like a woman should be treated. I highly recommend this one for anyone who enjoys fantasy novels, romances and humor! Vane melts my heart (not to mention other parts!) and his unabashed appreciation of Bride’s figure, wit and brains are refreshing to read.

Have you read Night Play? What’s your favorite line? Favorite character?


Do you have a favorite book with a plus size character?  Make a recommendation!









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